Thanks for a great welcome!

Thanks to all for the great turn out to our Grand Opening!  We especially appreciated the participation of our dignitaries.  Our mayor, Pat Perkins, shared a wonderful welcome.  Reflections shared by Tina Dezsi and Lia Bandola definitely brought a smile and a tear to my eye.   Thanks also to Pastor Derrick Nichols for offering a Prayer of Dedication.  It truly set the tone for what I hope to be a place of peace and healing for many.  As always the support of everyone from the Whitby Chamber of Commerce made the event one of ease.  And we can’t forget Steve from SNAP Whitby for his coverage of the event.  Please check out the June issue for pictures – 

Please check back as our pictures will go up shortly.

I also wanted to share with you an excerpt from my musings about my journey over the last 6 years.  Even if you couldn’t attend on the 7th, these words were also intended for you:

I look out and see a group of clients, colleagues, family, but what I really see is a group of friends who have been my encouragement and support in this journey.  Some of you I’ve just met and some of you I’ve know my whole life. 

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all.  To my clients, thanks for your trust I me as your doctor, your willingness to be an active part of your health and to share your success with others.  To my Networking colleagues, thank you for your belief in me and the wisdom you have shared over the years.  To my family and friends, I thank you for your love and believing in my dreams as much as I did and all the hours of physical labour put into making it a reality.

I could say this is a dream 6 years in the making, but this dream started way before “Naturopathic Doctor” was added to the end of my name.  Like most young girls dream and plan out her future wedding, every first year Naturopathic Student has a “dream clinic” planned out in his/her head.

That takes us back 10 years, but I think the first dreams were started way back when I was 3 years old, with my cat in my high chair trying to get him to open his mouth and say “ahhh”.

Yes, it’s been quite a journey and I know it is only just beginning again.  I look forward to travelling with you all.

Thanks again!

Dr. Erika

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