Mosquito Mayhem!

It seems like I can’t even enjoy my garden without the constant slap and scratch of my dear friends the mosquitoes.  Now I’m a nature girl.  I like getting out in the woods.  I can look for the purpose in mostly pesky bugs, but I can see no purpose to mosquitoes but to bug me!  Luckily Mother Nature gave us some gifts to help us cope with these menaces.

Essential oil of lavender is a Godsend this time of year.  Not only does it act as an insect repellent, but it also is a great itch reliever.  It’s lovely aroma makes it a pleasure to wear.  Lavender is a key ingredient in one of my favourite essential oil combinations, Solvarome by Unda (sold in Canada by Genestra).  In a 1:3 ratio with water it makes an easy to apply spray repellent (shake well first).  But even more remarkable is a single drop on the most annoying of bites will bring down swelling and itching.

There are many other nature cures out there.  So I open it up to you.  Share your ideas.  What gift of Mother Nature do you use to cope with our national insect, the mosquito?

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