Treatments & Therapies

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
The use of acupuncture, diet and traditional herb combinations as part of an ancient system of diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis is made by looking at the signs portrayed by the body to identify the pattern of disease, such as, temperature, colour, pulse patterns, tongue patterns, and other specific complaints. As treatment is based on the overall pattern not individual symptoms, this therapy follows the Naturopathic principle, “Treat the cause”.

Botanical Medicine
The use of whole plants, individually or in combination, to work at the functional level to gently return the body to normal.  These botanicals, or herbs, may be in the form of teas, tinctures (alcohol or glycerine extracts), creams, salves or baths.

Clinical Nutrition
The use of diet changes and supplementation, where necessary, for health promotion and disease treatment.  Diet is thought of in the lifestyle context, and not merely in the short term.  As eating patterns are difficult to change, diet counselling is part of this therapy, in order to provide support to the patient making these difficult, yet important changes.

Homeopathic Medicine
The use of minute doses of organic substances for disease treatment and prevention.  Homeopathy looks to the unique symptoms of and individual and the totality of his/her symptoms when determining a remedy.  For example, it is the unique characteristics of a headache (timing, type of pain, location of pain, associated symptoms) that determine the remedy, not merely the fact that a person has a headache.  This is also another example of individualized treatment.

The external use of alternating hot and cold water to stimulate the immune system and detoxification pathways of the body has been practiced for centuries.  Can be used for acute conditions, such as a sprains and injuries, and for chronic conditions that require immune support and detoxification on the whole body level.

Soft and Hard Tissue Manipulation
Correction of the musculo-skeletal system through hands-on treatment of the muscles and joints.  Tissue manipulation restores the proper flow of the nerves, thereby treating pain and eliciting whole body relaxation.

Prevention and Lifestyle Modification
Individual assessment of risk factors are applied to individual health programs for the patient.  These programs encourage the patient to see the connection between health choices made today and health problems of the future.  By empowering the patient to take responsibility for their health choices, the Naturopathic Doctor can guide them towards a lifestyle program that will promote a long, happy and healthy life.