Life is about journeys…

And my life journey brought me here, to the Naturopathic Doctor in Golden, BC.  I always dreamed of having a practice in a beautiful place.  A place surrounded by trees, rivers and hiking trails.  The mountains were also part of the dream, but a part I never verbalized because at that time I say my life and practice conitnuing in Whitby, Ontario – my hometown since childhood.  But life has a funny way of changing in a moment, and here I am.  Welcome to my life and to my practice!

I can’t say that I am surprised to find myself here.  Science and nature were always involved in my answers when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  In Naturopathic Medicine I have found the profession that satisfies my scientific curiosity, allows me to be in awe of the amazing power of nature, and gives me the opportunity to connect with people in a personal and meaningful way.

I also should have known that I’d wind up living in the mountains someday.  The first time I visited the Rockes I was eight years old.  They had such a profound impact on me that I cried when we had to leave, to the shock and worry of my parents.  I remeber watching the mountains fade away as we drove east on the Trans Canada Highway out of Canmore, not wanting to miss a moment of their majesty.

I am grateful to have found such a warm and welcoming community in Golden.  Outside of my practice there is plenty to keep me busy.  Ourdoor activities such as gardening, skiing, biking and hiking; volunteering with the Golden Food Bank Socieity; being a part of the larger business community through the Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce; and playing my oboe in the Purcell Mountain Orchestra are all part of my work/life balance!

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I’d like to invite you to explore a bit and see what my professional life is all about.